Where Can You Find Free Online Tutorials to Help Set up an Office Computer?

Free online tutorials to help set up an office computer can be found on websites such as DigitalLearn.org, a website supported by the Public Library Association; and GCFLearnFree.org, a computer tutorial platform supported by the Goodwill Community Foundation. Individuals seeking video tutorials to navigate setting up an office computer can find resources on office department retail outlet stores, which feature videos that show employees setting up computer equipment as a guide for customers.

Websites such as Free-Computer-Tutorials.net feature tutorials in basic computer setup, hardware applications and software use. Computer users can utilize online free resources for instructions on how to connect cables, install software and hardware, navigate applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel and launch Internet searches.

Tutorials to set up an office computer navigate users through basic processes that include unpacking the shipping box, positioning monitors and hard drives and safeguarding electrical wires. Advanced tutorials focus on installing hardware, setting up disk drives, attaching cables to printers and accessories and troubleshooting keyboard, Bluetooth and Internet connectivity components or malfunctions.

Many retail electronic stores and local computer dealers offer free consultation when setting up computers when the equipment is purchased on site; however, in-office set up may prompt a fee for computer users.