Where Can You Find Free Online Toolbox Talks?


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As of 2015, OSHA Training Services offers free monthly toolbox talks to download and print at OshaTraining.com. Each toolbox topic comes with a sign-in sheet to document the meeting and many come with a handout.

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Toolbox talks are short safety meetings provided to supplement the OSHA training that employees have already received. The talks are designed to remind workers of workplace hazards and safety regulations. The toolbox talks on the OSHA Training Services website are generic and can be adapted to fit most construction and general work environments.

Topics include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hands, eyes and feet, proper use of hard hats and dust masks and updated information on OSHA’s standard Haz-Com pictograms and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Other topics include fire prevention, use of fire extinguishers and emergency preparedness. New toolbox talks are added monthly and build on the previous month's topic.

OSHA Training Services also provides tips to help make presentation more effective and memorable. OSHA recommends that supervisors be familiar with the toolbox talk topic, and speak slowly and clearly. It’s important to hold each meeting in an area free of loud noises and distractions. Props that are relevant to the topic, such as ladders or fire extinguishers, help to hold workers’ attention.

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