Where Can You Find Free Online Math Exercises?


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The websites for SheppardSoftware, SoftSchools.com, Lizard Point, Knowledge Adventure and Math Playground offer online math exercises. These kid-friendly websites contain many gaming-oriented math exercises to combine learning entertainment. Websites such as SoftSchools.com also provide online worksheet generators covering specific topics and containing a preset number of questions.

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Where Can You Find Free Online Math Exercises?
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Professional software companies, such as Sheppard Software and Knowledge Adventure, the creator of JumpStart and MathBlaster products, often provide free math websites that reflect industry standards for student curriculum. Educational websites explore a wide range of math topics, placing greater emphasis on elementary and middle school level content, such as addition, fractions, decimals and ratios. Teachers can also find many introductory-level exercises for high school math, including probability, statistics and algebra fundamentals.

Worksheet generators are useful for setting up quick practice tests and encouraging independent learning when children are old enough to use the computer alone. Gaming-style exercises encourage interaction and problem-solving using colorful imagery and child-oriented themes, such as marine animals, aliens or balloons. They also help younger children develop cognitive skills by challenging them to pay attention to multiple moving elements on the screen and coordinate the correct responses. For example, an addition game may involve steering a car to knock down the barrel displaying the correct answer.

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