How Can One Make an LED Light Flash to the Beat of a Speaker?

While pre-made LED assemblies designed to flash in time to music are available, it is also possible to make a custom LED light that will flash to the beat of a speaker using simple electronics equipment such as an Arduino microcontroller board, wire, resistors and solderless beadboard. This project may also require familiarity with some computer programming languages such as Java, and it may also require additional equipment such as a USB cable, a computer and individual LEDs in the desired colors. In some cases, detailed instructions for building a sound-sensitive LED assembly will include download links for the necessary software programs that will enable the LEDs to blink in time with music.

Those who want to challenge themselves to build their own sound-sensitive LED assemblies may want to have some familiarity with small-scale electronics building simply to understand the language used in instructions and equipment required to build the assembly. Arduinos are relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment that are used for projects such as this one; they are small pieces of electronic circuit board to which the LEDs can be attached and which also route and process the electrical information that makes the lights blink in time with music. Those who are familiar with electronics but not with computer programming may be able to find instructions that come with prewritten code.