How Can One Change a CallerTune on T-Mobile?

How Can One Change a CallerTune on T-Mobile?

To change a CallerTune on T-Mobile, simply access CallerTunes on the site and purchase the new CallerTune you want to use, then assign it to a caller group. You need a T-Mobile account and access to the online website at My T-Mobile.

  1. Access CallerTunes on T-Mobile's site

    Using the T-Mobile website, locate the My T-Mobile section, and log in or register. Find the Plan section, and then find the Music & Sounds section. Click on the CallerTunes section, and then click on Manage CallerTunes.

  2. Buy a new tune

    If you want to change your tune to something not in your collection, you need to purchase an additional tune. Using your access to CallerTunes, pick a category of music such as R&B, Rock or Pop. Locate the tune you want to use, and click on the Listen icon to preview the tune. Click Buy on the tune you want and Yes to confirm it.

  3. Assign a new CallerTune

    Go back to the Manage section of CallerTunes, and click on My Collection. Click the Assign icon next to each tune to preview them before assigning. Find the Caller Group you wish to assign a new tune to, and check the Assign box. Click Save to complete the change.