How Can You Find News About New Android Tablet Releases?


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There are multiple websites dedicated to news and reviews of tablets based on the Android operating system such as androidcentral.com, androidauthority.com and phandroid.com. For news about a specific brand or make of Android tablet, the website of the manufacturer provides release dates and specifications for consumers.

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Websites of wireless companies such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile offer current news and information on Android tablets that are currently available or available for sale in the near future.

Other media options for news about Android tablets include video segments uploaded to YouTube channels and official news released via social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Audio news options include podcasts produced by Android Central, Android Authority and Phandroid. Each podcast offers hundreds of episodes to download and stream. As of 2015, the Android Central podcast is released every week and features news, product reviews, interviews and opinions regarding Android devices and the Android operating system.

Unofficial news, rumors and purported leaks are also occasionally published by websites, blogs, online magazines and podcasts with varying degrees of accuracy. According to Business Insider, the American business, celebrity and technology news website, sammobile.com has successfully leaked accurate specifications about Samsung tablets in the past before the tablets were officially announced to the public.

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