How Can Net32 Help You Save on Dental Supplies?

How Can Net32 Help You Save on Dental Supplies?

Net32 helps dentists save on dental supplies by enabling them to compare the prices of dental products between several sellers. On average a dentist can save around 30 to 40 percent on the costs of purchasing dental supplies from retailers.

Net32, an online portal that allows comparison shopping of dental supplies, presents the prices quoted by multiple sellers for each item. This enables the shopper to compare prices of dental supplies between sellers at a glance and buy at the lowest possible price. The website also sells dental supplies at discounted prices, listed as Specials.

Further, Net32 does not charge its users for the service provided, which helps to keep product prices down .

In comparison, the large retailers price dental supplies higher and include the charges of the supply representatives in the product price. Net32 claims that a dentist who spends around $50,000 annually on dental supplies from large retailers can save up to $17,411 every year by shopping through the portal.

The portal sells an extensive range of dental supplies, from anesthetics and alloys to X-ray materials. Dentists therefore don't need to browse through several catalogs for the same dental product, thus saving time and making shopping more convenient.