Where Can You Get MovieStarPlanet?


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MovieStarPlanet is available as a browser-based game and direct download from its home website and as an app for smart phone users. It requires that users log in and create profiles, which means giving personal information to the site's content moderators and security services.

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MovieStarPlanet is a movie making program and game which allows users to construct scenarios and insert voice and dialogue into an animated world populated by glamorous movie stars designed by the users themselves. These movie stars then act out both their own lives as fictional people and their double-fictional roles as the actors in said films.

The MovieStarPlanet website allows users to play its game after creating a profile and logging in. Movies are stored in the cloud, as are player profiles that record information such as the stars they have created and the in-game funds which they have invested.

Apple's App Store and Google Play allows users to download MovieStarPlanet for use on compatible phones. This transfers the entire game onto a mobile platform and allows users to share profiles across platforms, maintaining the same presence in the browser and on the phone's operating system so that they can access the game whenever they feel like logging in.

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