Where Can I Mix Two Songs Together on My Computer?

Songs can be mixed together with audio editing programs on a computer. Some examples of audio editing software available for download include Audacity, Wavosaur, Wavepad and mp3DirectCut.

There are many free programs for music editing that can be downloaded. Software packages range from very simple, basic programs to complex ones that allow the user to create completely new music in addition to blending audio files.

Mp3DirectCut is a basic editor that has few features, making it a good choice for beginners. It features a small file size that is convenient for computers with minimal hard drive space. Audacity is a free, open source program first released in 1999. In addition to basic audio editing options, such as cut, paste, volume and frequency control, Audacity can record audio and remove vocals.

Wavosaur requires no installation and is a very small download, so it is easy to try out on a whim. It does have some plugins that allow users to personalize the experience. The program is compatible with many file types, making it a versatile piece of software.

Wavepad can be used for free in non-commercial settings, though it can not be used for professional purposes. This program has numerous features and includes plugin support and advanced tools, including CD burning.