How Can You Mix Your Own Music?


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Mixing your own music using a variety of applications such as Pro Tools. Start by creating a rough mix from the recorded tracks. This should serve as a starting point to organize the overall composition of the song. Working from the bed tracks provided by the underlying rhythm instruments, gradually clean up the audio and create the overall sound you are seeking.

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Before starting any mix, create a plan to stay organized, and take notes while you're working on the mix. Additionally, take advantage of the application's built-in organizational tools such as color coding and labeling.

Begin by editing each track and removing any elements that aren't necessary. Typically during the recording process, extra data is captured that needs to be removed or cleaned up. This step should be followed by gain staging, which involves setting input levels to achieve as clear a mix as possible.

Start working on the balance after this to get the overall vibe you want. After this, clean up the overall composition by minimizing or reducing tracks in parts of the song that feel congested. By this point, the record should sound good but may need additional work using compression, equalizing and applying various effects.

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