Where Can You Find Mineshafter Server Lists?

Mineshafter servers are proxy servers used to bypass copyright protection on the game "Minecraft." These servers are illegal to use in the United States due to copyright law.

Lists of legal "Minecraft" servers are available on sites such as MinecraftServers.org, TopG and Planet Minecraft. Servers listed on these sites are intended for legitimate users. They require a legally-purchased copy of "Minecraft" to play. Purchase a legal copy of "Minecraft" for PC from Mojang's official website to connect to the servers listed on these sites.

Custom servers are only available for computer versions of "Minecraft." This functionality is available across the Windows, Mac OS and Linux versions of the game. The console versions of "Minecraft" do not support connecting to custom servers. These versions only support connecting to the console's built-in multiplayer service: Xbox Live for Microsoft consoles and Playstation Network for Sony consoles.

"Minecraft Pocket Edition" does not contain any server functionality. This simple version of "Minecraft" is for mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire devices, and does not contain some of the features or game modes found in the PC and console versions. A modified version of this edition is available for Raspberry Pi computers.