What Can Microsoft Word Be Used For?

People use Microsoft Word to create relatively simple documents for school projects and for work-related memos and documentation. Microsoft Word also supports images and text layout formatting that allows people to create more complex types of documents.

Microsoft Word supports templates that allow people to create high-quality documents without having to manage the layout engine precisely. People who need to support different citation systems can find templates that simplify the process of formatting the text correctly and aligning elements as prescribed. Word is a popular tool for creating resumes, and a number of tools are available through Microsoft and through third-party websites for creating resumes. Users can also find templates for calendars and other organizational tools, including day planners and itineraries.

Word began as a fairly simple text editor. Users had minimal control of the font type the program used and few options for controlling rows and the text layout. Unlike traditional publishing software, Microsoft Word was designed primarily for creating simple documents, and many students and businesses use it in this capacity. Over the years, however, Word has offered support for more complex types of documents, and it can largely replace more complex desktop publishing programs. Still, people looking for the utmost precision and control might prefer standard publishing products.