How Can Messages Be Sent to People by Email?


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Sending an email message can be accomplished in several simple steps, starting with connecting to an email server, writing a message and sending it to a recipient (or multiple recipients) over the Internet. Emails serve essentially the same purpose as handwritten letters, but while letters are stamped and sent via regular mail, emails are sent electronically and reach recipients much faster.

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In order to be constructed and disseminated in the first place, computer users must have access to an email server. The server is usually connected to the Internet and plays the role of delivering the email to the end user much like a mail truck physically carries mail from a starting point to an end point. Servers typically provide email security by saving backup copies of emails sent, which prevents them from permanent loss. After establishing a connection to the email server, users should log onto the server, which is usually as simple as putting in a user name and password. After logging into the server, users can create a new message by clicking on the "new" button. Then, individuals should put the email address of the intended recipient in the "to" line to ensure that the message is sent to the correct destination. The subject can be specified as well. After writing information in the text box, users select the "send" button to deliver the message.

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