Where Can You Find Memory Card Storage Guides?


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Find memory card storage guides on eBay.com, SnapSort.com and HowToGeek.com. EBay.com and HowToGeek.com feature many guides and articles about memory card storage, including articles that address specific memory card types and applications, as well as more general guides. SnapSort.com's guides focus on the use of memory card storage in digital cameras.

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EBay's article titled "A Guide to Common Memory Cards and Multiple Device Compatibility" provides a broad overview of many types of memory cards, including CompactFlash, SecureDigital, miniSD, microSD and five types of Sony proprietary memory cards. This article describes factors that are important when choosing a memory card, such as device compatibility, storage capacity and speed, and it features a chart listing which memory card storage capacities are suitable for various applications. EBay features additional guides in its Buying Guides section, such as "Detecting Fake and Bad microSD Cards, USB Drives and Flash Memory" and "How to Use a Flash Memory Card."

SnapSort.com features guides in its Learn section titled "Multiple Storage Slots" and "Types of Memory Cards." These articles discuss the use of memory cards in digital cameras and discuss which cards are most suitable to various cameras.

HowToGeek.com features many guides on memory cards, such as "How to Buy an SD Card: Speed Classes, Sizes and Capacities Explained," "Everything You Need to Know About Using a MicroSD Card With Your Amazon Fire Tablet" and "How to Quickly and Cheaply Upgrade a Laptop or Tablet’s Storage." Use this website's search feature to find articles related to specific memory card types or applications.

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