How Can You Make Smileys on Facebook Chat?


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There are two ways to make smiley face icons during a Facebook chat, including the use of classic emoticons as well as the use of a third-party application. Third-party apps typically produce more visually appealing smileys, but the use of emoticons saves time.

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Smileys can be created in Facebook chat using traditional emoticons, such as putting a colon and parenthesis together to make a smile, or a semicolon and a parenthesis together to make an amused smirk. Facebook's system automatically turns these symbols into emoticons. Similarly, the colon and semicolon can be paired with an uppercase "D" to denote a huge smile. Some users choose to add a dash between the colon or semicolon and the parenthesis to represent a nose. The other option is to download free smiley stickers from an external application and then insert them into the Facebook chat.

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