How Can You Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs in Six Steps?

How Can You Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs in Six Steps?

To create a playlist of your favorite songs, you need to have access to a media player that supports playlists, such as Winamp. The process involves accessing Winamp’s media library, adding the desired music files to a playlist, and then saving it.

  1. Access the media library

    Once you start the application, left-click on the View option in the top left section, and then select the Media Library option. Alternatively, you can press Alt and L on your keyboard to accomplish the same thing.

  2. Create a new placeholder playlist

    On the left-hand side of the media library, right-click on the Playlist option to open a menu, and then left-click on New Playlist.

  3. Add a name to the playlist

    In the new window, type the name that you wish to use as the playlist label, and then left-click on the OK button.

  4. Add files to the local media

    Left-click on the File option in the top-left section, and select the Add Media to Library option. Then, select the folder containing the files you wish to add, and press Enter.

  5. Add files to the playlist

    Select the files you wish to add to the playlist by dragging them onto the name of the playlist.

  6. Save the playlist

    Left-click on the playlist you created, then left-click on the File option and select the Save Playlist option.