How Can You Make a Picture Book Online?

How Can You Make a Picture Book Online?

How Can You Make a Picture Book Online?

To make a picture or photo book online, you must first choose an online photo service that offers customizable photo books. Each online photo service varies in the amount of options available to create your picture book, but all of them require you to upload the photos you wish to use, choose a book layout, arrange, adjust and edit photos on the layout, and select options for printing and delivering your completed book.

  1. Choose an online photo service

    There are many online photo services that offer picture books, but some of the most well-known include Snapfish, Shutterfly, Picaboo and MyPublisher. In addition, store chains such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid all have photo services that offer picture books that you can design online and pick up at a retail location.

  2. Choose the photo book option

    Select the photo book option on the photo service website you choose. Most photo service websites have a tab or button for the photo book page on the home page.

  3. Upload your photos

    Following the instructions on the specific photo site that you choose, upload the pictures you want to use for the picture book. Place all the photos you want to use in one folder on your computer to make it easier to upload. You may also be able to upload pictures from social media websites or your phone, depending on the service you choose.

  4. Select your layout

    Most photo services allow you to choose from a variety of layouts for your picture book, including choosing the size of the book and how the pictures are arranged on each page. You may also be able to choose a background for each page of your book.

  5. Finalize the purchase for delivery

    Once you are satisfied with the layout of your photos and the overall design of the book, proceed to the checkout page of the photo service to pay for your book. The purchasing section on most photo service websites is where you choose how you want it delivered or schedule to pick it up from a store that offers photo services.