How Can You Make Your Own ID Cards?

How Can You Make Your Own ID Cards?

To make your own ID cards, determine the information the card is to display and its format, and upload the required photo to a computer. Then, use the Microsoft Word program to enter the information, and print the ID cards. Alternatively, access the EasyIDCard website, or download the Easy Card Creator software for this purpose.

Information normally displayed on ID cards includes a name, job title, organization and contact information, as well as the owner's photo. Click the photo using a digital camera, edit it, and upload it to a computer. Choose an appropriate design for the ID card, such as a horizontal or vertical and one-sided or double-sided design.

If using Microsoft Word, click on Envelopes and Labels under Tools or Mailings, format the card using the options available, enter the required information, and add the photo. Then, print the card, laminate it, or place it in a plastic sleeve attached to a lanyard or clip.

If accessing the EasyIDCard website, register for free on the site. Choose whether the card is to be vertical or horizontal, select from the template options given, and click on every object in the image to edit it as required. Click Save As toward the top-left of the page to save the card, and place an order for the same. Wait for the card to be printed professionally and shipped to you.

To download the Easy Card Creator software, click on Free Download to the right of the page. Choose from the software edition options listed, and click Free Trial Download against each option to install its trial version.