How Can You Make Your Own Clip Art?


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It is possible to make clip art by using Photoshop, a digital photograph and a series of steps such as setting the color mode and creating new layers. Start the process by taking a digital photograph of the object to turn into clip art, and then upload it to Photoshop.

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When the photo is in the program, set the color mode, and then open Illustrator. Create a new document, and place the image into the document. In the Layers Palette, click on the menu, and choose the Template option to set the image to a lower opacity. Then, create a new layer, open the pen tool, turn off the fill color and set the stroke to black. Begin drawing by following the major lines of the image.

To shape the paths, use the convert anchor point tool, and make sure to complete any closed paths when possible. It is fine if the paths overlap, as fixing it is possible by using the fill option. It is also possible to make more layers and arrange them to create a certain look. When the standard drawing is complete, look at the template layer, and finish the clip art by adding details such as color and gradient with the fill tool.

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