How Can You Make Money on the Internet?


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Three common, effective ways of making money on the Internet are writing, selling physical goods or services and performing microtasks or surveys. It is possible to earn passive income through advertising as well, though it can take time to build up a regular, sustainable income.

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Ways to make money online through writing include creating a personal blog and charging companies money to advertise on it, creating e-books for digital distribution platforms such as Amazon Kindle or Smashwords, and writing articles for content sites. Some sites pay flat rates for content, while others pay per page view or through advertising to create a source of passive income.

EBay, Fiverr, Etsy and Amazon all provide options for selling physical goods or services directly to buyers, though each focuses on slightly different things. For example, eBay and Amazon are mostly for reselling goods, while Fiverr focuses on services and Etsy is centered around handmade items. There are also many stock-photography sites that allow people to sell their photographs as stock images.

Microtasks and surveys are often found on the same sites, such as Mturk and Swagbucks. These are smaller tasks that pay low amounts for individual, simple tasks or academic surveys. These often require fewer skills and less of a time investment than other work-from-home choices.

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