How Can You Make Your Mac Run Faster?

How Can You Make Your Mac Run Faster?

You can make your Mac run faster by decluttering the hard drive. Apple computers need at least 10 gigabytes of disk space to run efficiently and keep the system from slowing down. Uninstalling unused programs and removing cluttered icons from the desktop can improve overall start-up and multitasking speed.

  1. Check the hard drive space

    Open a new folder, and select the hard drive from the list in the left-hand menu. Press Command and the I key to open the information window and see how much space you have left on the hard drive. If it has fewer than 10 GB, the Mac is using virtual memory and slowing down.

  2. Delete applications and files

    Browse through your folders, and delete any files and documents you do not need. Use the uninstallers to remove unused programs from your hard drive. Store important files you need later on a USB stick or a CD for safe keeping. Delete cluttered shortcut icons from your desktop to clear up more disk space.

  3. Empty the trash bin

    Choose Empty Trash under the Finder menu to delete the files from the Mac trash can. You can also press the Command, Shift and Delete keys simultaneously to empty the trash.