How Can I Make My Laptop Run Faster?

can-make-laptop-run-faster Credit: .net Magazine/Future/Getty Images

To make a laptop run faster, check for viruses and remove them, defrag the hard drive, remove programs that are no longer needed, upgrade the hardware and reinstall the operating system. The difficulty ranges from very easy to moderately difficult, and the amount of time it takes depends on the problem.

  1. Scan for viruses

    Download Malwarebytes, and run a full scan. Remove any viruses or malware found on the system.

  2. Defrag the hard drives

    Search for the Disk Defragmenter, and then run the program on all drives. This process takes tiny pieces of data and makes them quicker to access.

  3. Remove old programs

    Go through the drives, and remove any programs that are no longer being used. Delete all old files that are no longer necessary, being cautious not to remove critical programs.

  4. Install better hardware

    Replacing an old moving hard drive with an SSD improves a computer's speed considerably. Adding additional RAM is another way to boost a computer's speed.

  5. Reinstall the operating system

    If the computer is still lagging, you may need to reinstall a fresh version of the operating system. This can be difficult, so you may want to talk to a computer technician if you're not familiar with the process. Always be sure to back up any important files in case there's a problem.