How Can I Make an FM Radio Jammer?


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Making an FM radio jammer is a complex process that takes a varying amount of time depending on the skill of the person creating it. In order to make your own FM radio jammer, you will need an oscillator, a 9-volt battery, an L.E.D., an antenna, a switch, a circuit board, a soldering gun and some spare wiring.

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  1. Make sure a jammer is legal in your area

    Call up a local nonemergency law enforcement hotline before you begin this process. Depending on where you live, the creation and use of an FM radio jammer may be illegal. Make sure you understand the laws regarding radio jammers in your local area before creating one.

  2. Assemble the wiring

    Use the spare wiring to connect the oscillator to the other pieces of the jammer. The oscillator is the most important component. Connect the oscillator with a single lead to the antenna and attach a lead from the oscillator to the battery. Fix a wire from the battery to your on and off switch. Finally, use one last section of wiring to connect the on and off switch back to the oscillator.

  3. Solder the jammer to a circuit board

    Using a soldering gun, solder the entire jammer to a circuit board. Although this step is not necessary for the functionality of the jammer, it helps to finalize the project for future usage. You may now turn the oscillator and jammer on and off.

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