How Can You Make Cool Graffiti Effects in GIMP?


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Import an image into GIMP, and use the text tool and filters to create graffiti effects. The only requirements for creating the graffiti effect are to install GIMP and have an image on which to add the graffiti.

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  1. Open GIMP

    Open GIMP, and click Windows from the menu. Select single-window mode to fill the entire screen.

  2. Import and prepare a photo

    Click File, and open the photo in GIMP. Click Select and then All. Copy and paste the photo onto a new layer. Delete the original layer.

  3. Type a word

    Click the text tool from the sidebar, and type a word onto the photo. You can also import a PNG file with the word you wish to use. A PNG file contains a transparent background, which only shows the word overlayed on the photo.

  4. Add a filter

    Click Filters, and select Light and Shadow. Click Drop Shadow to add a shadow to the text. Adjust the settings to your preferences.

  5. Change the perspective

    Click the Perspective tool, and adjust the text to match the photo. Click Transform when done.

  6. Choose a layer mode

    Select the overlay layer mode in the layers panel. Next, go to Filters, and select Blur. Click Gaussian Blur, and set the amount to 30.

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