How Can Mail Be Restored in Outlook Express?

To restore mail in Outlook Express, import the data from a backup. Be sure to select the correct directory and folders to restore all messages in the backup.

Restoring messages in Outlook Express is simple as long as there is an existing backup to work from. To restore mail from a backup, run through the following steps, as noted by

  1. Select the import option
  2. Go to the Import Menu under the File tab. Select the option to import messages.

  3. Choose a program
  4. Choose the relevant version of Outlook Express such as Microsoft Outlook Express 5 or Microsoft Outlook Express 6.

  5. Choose a directory
  6. Choose the directory that corresponds to the version of Outlook Express.

  7. Click the backup option
  8. Browse available files in the directory. Select a previous backup folder.

  9. Follow the prompts
  10. Follow any subsequent prompts that pop up on the screen to complete the restoration process.

  11. Restore account data
  12. To restore other email account data, open the Tools tab and select the accounts menu. Select the import option under the Mail tab and source the relevant account in the backup folder.

In order to restore messages from a backup, users must have a backup in place. To create a backup, run through the following steps.

  1. Find the store folder
  2. The store folder location is usually accessible in the options menu under the Tools tab. To find it, open the tab for maintenance and select the option to view the store folder. When the folder pops up, copy its location.

  3. Copy the folder
  4. To copy items in the folder, click Start in Windows and open the Run program. Paste the folder location into the text field. After opening the folder, open the Edit tab and select all contents. Copy the contents.

  5. Create a new folder
  6. Create a new folder on the desktop and name it. Paste the backup contents into the folder.