How Can You Find a Lost Smartphone?


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The process to find a lost smartphone depends on the type of phone. To find a lost iPhone, use the built-in Find My iPhone application. For Windows Phone users, use the built-in application Find My Phone. To find an Android Phone, use a third-party application such as Lookout.

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The Find My iPhone application is built into Apple's mobile operating system iOS, but the owner must enable the application. Install the application, sign into iCloud and enable the application in iCloud's settings. If Find My iPhone is enabled in iCloud, visit icloud.com to locate the phone from a computer or another mobile device. Find My iPhone also allows users to lock or reset the missing iPhone.

For Android Phones, download the application Lookout to track the phone online via GPS. Users can also use the application to lock or reset the missing phone. In addition, Lookout also works as a spyware, malware and adware protection program and forces the phone to emit a loud sound to make it easier to find.

Windows Phones, similar to the iPhone, have a built-in phone locating service known as Find My Phone. The service is only available for mobile devices with the Windows Phone 7 operating system or higher. Track down, lock, reset or force the phone to ring using the Find My Phone application.

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