How Can I Find My Lost IPod Touch?


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A lost iPod Touch can be located with the "Find my iPhone" application, provided the device is online and the application is turned on. The application can be accessed on another device with the application installed, or through the iCloud website. Once logged in, the lost device shows up on a map. The application can also make the iPod Touch play a sound alerting anyone nearby to its location.

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If the device can't be located, "Find my iPhone" displays the last known location within the previous 24 hours. "Find my iPhone" also allows the device to be switched to Lost Mode, which lets the owner lock the device with a four digit code and set up a display message with his phone number. If the device cannot be found, all data can be erased from it remotely. Once the data is erased, the device can't be tracked on "Find my iPhone." If the device is offline, it can't be tracked, but it can be switched to Lost Mode, locked and erased. If "Find my iPhone" isn't turned on, the device can't be tracked, switched to Lost Mode, locked or erased. In that case, the only option is reporting the lost iPod Touch to the police.

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