Where can you look up SMS short codes?


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Look up SMS short codes in the United States by visiting the Common Short Code Association website, USShortCodes.com, and entering a word or number five or six characters in length into the site's search engine. For codes in the United Kingdom, visit short-codes.com and enter a five-character code.

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Short codes are abbreviated phone numbers that users can access via mobile phones, but not landlines. Short codes typically receive and send SMS texts. Short code registration is not universal: many different entities may use the same short code from one country to another, and not all wireless providers within the same country support all codes.

In the United States, the Common Short Code Association, or CSCA, provides registration and look-up services for short codes. In the United Kingdom, the Shortcode Management Group provides similar services.

The CSCA's search engine accepts numbers and words five or six characters in length. Search results will state whether the short code is available for use, but will not provide detailed information on the entities using that code.

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