How Can You Find the Location of the Nearest Verizon Store?

How Can You Find the Location of the Nearest Verizon Store?

Locations of the nearest Verizon stores to a particular location can be found by using the Find a Store feature on the company website. The store locator on the Verizon website has two separate search tools with one dedicated to Verizon Wireless customers and the other for Verizon customers searching for Internet, television and phone services.

Verizon is an American company specializing in broadband and telecommunication services. As of September 2014, it is the largest wireless communication company in the United States. The company, which was then known as Bell Atlantic, was founded in 1983 and eventually became Verizon in June 2000.

The following shows how to find the nearest Verizon store:

  1. Go to the company website
  2. Connect to the Internet and proceed to the official Verizon company website. For those who are looking for Verizon Wireless stores, proceed directly to the Verizon Wireless website.

  3. Look for the Store Locator feature
  4. Navigate the Verizon website and search for the Store Locator feature. On the main page of the Verizon store locator, there are dedicated search tools for Verizon wireless and Verizon Internet, television and phone services.

  5. Select and search
  6. Choosing the Verizon Wireless store locator will redirect to the Verizon Wireless store locator, while the Verizon Internet, television and phone services will ask for the state where the search will be conducted. After entering all the required details on the store locator feature, click "Search" and the search tools will display the nearest Verizon stores.