How Can You Locate Your Missing T-Mobile Phone?


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To locate a missing T-Mobile phone, it is necessary to have the Lookout Mobile Security Premium software on the phone before it goes missing and then activate the program to find the phone. This program is a subscription service that costs $4 a month, as of 2015.

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With Lookout Mobile Security Premium, log in to the Lookout website, and choose the option to locate the phone. In addition to locating the cellphone, it is also possible to wipe all of the data from the phone remotely or lock the phone from use. This application is available on all T-Mobile phones, but it is necessary to activate it and subscribe in order to use it to track a lost or stolen phone.

For people who have chosen not to choose this subscription service, report a lost T-Mobile phone to the company. At this point, T-Mobile turns off the line, and it no longer works to make phone calls or send data. If the phone has insurance, T-Mobile representatives can help to fill out insurance claim forms and choose a new phone. Without insurance, it is necessary to purchase a new phone.

If the phone is lost or stolen and charges appear on the bill, it is important to contact T-Mobile to dispute these charges.

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