Where Can You Find Lists of Discontinued Cricut Cartridges Online?


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CartridgeLibrary.com and TheNonCraftyCrafter.com have lists of retired Cricut cartridges; however, in 2011, Provo Craft, the makers of Cricut, stopped announcing which cartridges are discontinued. Official lists of discontinued cartridges are only available through December 2011.

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CartridgeLibrary.com has a list of officially discontinued cartridges through December 2011. Users can see an image of the cartridge pattern by clicking the title. Cartridge titles link to eBay listings, when available, for the discontinued cartridges. This website also lists limited-edition and special-edition cartridges.

TheNonCraftyCrafter.com also has a list of discontinued titles through December 2011. This list does not feature any images and lists titles alphabetically.

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