How Can You Listen to Voice Mail Messages Online for Free?


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As of April, 2015, none of the major cellphone carriers in the United States allow people to listen to voice mail messages for free online. However, people can get a free number through Google Voice, which provides free voice mail messages that customers can listen to over phones or online.

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Cellphone providers typically offer free voice mail service, but they generally require users to listen to their message through their phone or by calling from another phone. Google Voice, which requires a separate cellphone number to activate on a phone, provides automatic transcription of messages. In addition, users can listen to their messages using any computer with Internet access and a browser that supports audio.

Users willing to pay may also want to consider a voice-over-IP setup, which provides a digital interface to phone service. Users run VoIP networks through a computer or standalone device, so users can set up access to the network through the Internet. People interested in providing online voice mail access for a company or other large organization might find that VoIP offers the best flexibility. People looking for simple voice mail service might also want to pay for a phone number through Skype, which provides online voice mail access and other VoIP functionality that's easier to access and manage than a custom VoIP network.

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