How Can You List a Review on Angie's List for Free?

How Can You List a Review on Angie's List for Free?

Anyone can list a review for free on Angie's List without being a member as long as she provides her name, address, phone number, email address and selects a password for access. Then, the provider is selected and the review form can be completed and submitted.

Reviews written by non-members are displayed alongside member reviews, but they do not affect a provider's rating. Angie's List does not allow anonymous reviews, so unless a user is prepared to fill out the required information, she cannot access the provider list or the review form.

All reviews are checked out by Angie's List. Two of the things they look for are companies that give themselves good reviews and companies that give unflattering reviews of the competition. Questionable reviews are not published. This policy stands for both member and non-member reviews.

Angie's List has such a strict review policy because the provider rankings are based on the reviews. Any provider with an "A" or "B" rating can advertise and offer coupons in the monthly newsletter and online. Providers with a lower rating are unable to do so.

Reviews are accepted on most repair and service-oriented companies. Exceptions include lawyers, restaurants, public utilities, schools and travel providers. Reviews on specific products are not accepted.