Where Can You Find a List of Magnavox Universal Remote Codes?

Magnavoxtv.org and Universal-remote.net both list the universal remote codes for Magnavox televisions and other electronic equipment. The latter site includes codes for Magnavox televisions, DVD players, VCRs and cable boxes. A universal remote control device enables users to combine TV and DVD functions on a single remote.

When a working television and its remote control become separated, a universal remote makes an ideal replacement. To use a universal remote with a specific television, such as a Magnavox, the remote control code must synchronize between the television and the remote. Most universal remotes come with a list of codes for electronic equipment, but if the list is lost, these websites offer other options to locate the code.

Once the code is located, ensure the television is off and the remote is set on "television." Enter the code using the remote keypad. If the code is entered correctly, the red indicator light shuts off. If the code is entered incorrectly, the red light flashes. Continue inputting codes until the correct code is found.

Most universal remote control devices access all the features of the original remote, but some features may not work with the universal remote. If the missing features are required, contact Philips Magnavox to inquire about a replacement remote for the specific model television.