Where Can You Find a List of Known Online Scams?


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Some websites that list scams include the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Common Fraud Schemes and the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information page. The website, ScamAdviser, also keeps a list of disreputable websites and allows users to verify a site's status by entering its web address.

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The FBI's Common Fraud Schemes page seeks to inform citizens by keeping a listing of major scams. The site includes information on common categories of scams, including investments, telemarketing, identity theft, online scams and scams targeting seniors. The site also features common characteristics of scams and information to help consumers recognize scammers. For those who have fallen victim to scams, the FBI also offers resources to help report fraud.

The FTC's Consumer Information pages also provides listings of scams and resources to combat them. The FTC's site is updated frequently with reports of recent scams, and it also lists information on major categories of scams, including money and credit, homes and mortgages, health and fitness, privacy and jobs. Users can also browse scam listings by more specific characteristics, such as cars, charity, foreclosures and funerals.

ScamAdviser allows users to check the status of a website by entering its address. ScamAdviser then pulls up a comprehensive readout on the site, including popularity, user reports, physical address and an overall safety score. The site also keeps a list of particularly disputable sites that users should avoid.

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