Where Can You Find a List of GHI Participating Doctors in New York?

Where Can You Find a List of GHI Participating Doctors in New York?

As of 2015, users can find a list of Group Health Incorporated participating doctors in New York at EmblemHealth.com by clicking on the Find a Doctor or Hospital button on the left side of the page. Group Health Incorporated (GHI) is one of two insurance groups that make up EmblemHealth.

EmblemHealth, which also includes Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York (HIP), offers a variety of accredited HMO, EPO and PPO health plans. The company also sells vision, dental and prescription drug insurance.

On the directory page, users can find a list of participating doctors by clicking on their particular GHI, HIP or EmblemHealth insurance plan, such as the New York City Employees HMO provided by HIP or the New York Employees EPO/PPO provided by GHI.

EmblemHealth states that its members have access to most of the top doctors and medical professionals in the tristate area. EmblemHealth plan members also have access to acute care and physician hospitals in all 50 U.S. states.

Group Health Incorporated, which was founded in 1937, is notable for being the first insurance provider in the United States to offer certain types of coverage, such as dental insurance and preventative care, including well baby care and annual physical exams.