Where Can You Find a List of All Excel Formulas?

Find a list of all the formulas and functions for the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel on sites such as TechOnTheNet.com, PCWorld.com, Office.com and Dummies.com, as of 2015. Each site includes the exact command to execute the function in the program and a description of its purpose.

TechOnTheNet.com organizes its functions into categories according to the operation, such as mathematical or string function, and includes both worksheet and Visual Basic Excel functions in each section. PCWorld.com includes instructions on the different ways to input formulas into Excel, including accessing the program's internal list of functions. Office.com contains multiple tutorials on using the program, including comprehensive sections covering many of the most common and complex formulas in the program. Dummies.com offers a more simple explanation and list of formulas ideal for novice Excel users, including links to other articles explaining how to use the program.

Microsoft Excel allows users to create spreadsheet documents for tracking various types of data, typically numerical values across multiple sources. In addition to its basic formatting and organizational tools, it also includes functionality to conduct complex operations using the date in each cell, ranging from simple addition and subtraction to finding the median value in a range or processing specific times and dates dynamically. To use these commands, known as formulas, users need to input a special set of characters into a cell that tells the program how to read and interpret the data.