How Can You Find a List of Computer Error Messages and Their Solutions?


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A list of common errors on a Windows operating system and their solutions is available at CCM.net, the website of CCM Benchmark Group. PCSupport.About.com provides a comprehensive list of error codes and their meanings.

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Some errors that a user might encounter when using a Windows PC are fairly easy to fix, but others require some amount of skill or knowledge. A technician is required for some of the error messages. A user trying to repair those problems herself could do serious damage to the system.

Rebooting the computer is offered as the first choice to solve many of the problems that led to the error message. Other common suggestions are checking for any outages in your area, reinstalling a modem and re-entering usernames and password information. If those steps are not successful, other suggestions are offered. In some cases, the last resort is to contact a technician or the manufacturer.

PCSupport.About.com lists the error codes numbered 1 to 15841 in the Windows operating system. It provides the meaning of each error code that could give a clue to how to solve it. This is a useful resource if the user receives an error code that does not have a corresponding message.

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