Where Can You Find a List of Cell Phone Carriers, Such As Verizon?


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WirelessAdvisor.com, CNET and PhoneArena.com all have a listing of cell phone service providers. These lists include the major carriers like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, as well as region-specific carriers like Alaska Communications.

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Cell phone carriers provide access to a wireless communication network. Choosing one that provides adequate coverage is critical. If the phone doesn't have access to the network, it is nearly useless. Carriers typically have coverage maps available, but the maps are not always accurate. Asking someone in the area is better than relying on the carrier's maps.

Service providers have a variety of cell phone plans that consumers should research before making a decision. Understanding the details of every plan available is important in getting the features wanted at an affordable price. Contracts are one of the most important aspects to consider. Many service providers require lengthy contracts in order to secure a lower price for the phone. Other providers have higher-cost devices that don't require contracts; still others combine the two ideas.

Data speed is also important when choosing a cell phone carrier. Sending basic text messages and email isn't dramatically affected by slow data speeds, but attempting to view media-heavy websites can be frustrating or even impossible on a slow network.

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