How Can You Find Help Learning How to Use Microsoft Windows 7?


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You can find helpful information on getting started with Windows 7 on the official Microsoft Windows website. You can also learn how to use Windows 7 through websites such as GCFLearnFree.org, Top-Windows-Tutorials.com, Lynda.com and DigitalLearn.org, as of July 2015.

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The official Microsoft Windows website covers software milestones such as installing, upgrading and activating Windows 7; installing programs; setting up hardware; and personalizing Windows 7. Under each category, you can access specific instructions to complete specific tasks. For example, under Personalization, you can read information on how to change your wallpaper background as well as the screen saver image.

At GCFLearnFree.org, there are two main categories of tutorials; the first teaches about Windows 7 software in general, and the second teaches how to use Windows 7. Click on any of the numbered titles to learn how to do specific tasks.

At Top-Windows-Tutorials.com, Lynda.com and DigitalLearn.org, you have access to free video tutorials for Windows 7. The videos have both numbers and titles, so you can watch all of the videos in order or you can directly view only the video you're interested in. Of the three sites, DigitalLearn.org provides has the fewest videos, although they do cover the basics of Windows 7.

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