Where Can You Learn More About Verizon Hotspots?


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Verizon offers a wealth of information about its wireless hotspots, including the networks as well as the necessary devices to access them, on its website, VerizonWireless.com, as of 2015. The site also includes detailed product descriptions and customer reviews for different devices, as well as tools for locating nearby hotspots.

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The Internet Devices section of VerizonWireless.com houses its current selection of mobile hotspot devices, with each item carrying its own page that contains product features and capabilities. The page also includes short articles that explains what mobile hotspots are, how the work and the types of devices that the carrier currently supports. It also covers the general benefits of its mobile broadband network, including the type of cellular data it offers and benefits such as the ability to track date usage or link the device to an existing service plan.

Clicking on any of the mobile hotpsot devices loads a page that contains its picture, retail price, promotional price with a new service contract and technical specifications. This section includes details about the general operation of the device and its capabilities, along with user reviews from Verizon customers. Each review includes a star rating and a written account of the customers experience with the device and the Verizon wireless network. Verizon also offers a Mobile Living section, which contains articles that explain the different uses of mobile hotspots and how to make the best use of its services.

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