How Can You Learn to Type Without Looking at the Keyboard?


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To learn how to type without looking at the keyboard, assume a proper sitting posture for typing, place your fingers on the home row of the keyboard, and practice touch typing. For practice, use online services such as TypingStudy.com to access various lessons, typing games and speed tests.

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When practicing touch typing, always keep your back straight and elbows bent at the right angle to reduce strain. Don’t rest your body weight on your wrists, and make sure that the monitor is at least 20 inches away from your eyes. After assuming the proper posture, place your left and right index fingers on F and J keys, respectively, and always slide your fingers across the keyboard without looking at it while imagining the locations of specific keys. Use your little fingers to hit the Shift keys on both sides of the keyboard, and use either thumb for hitting the Space key.

Keep your index fingers on the base position on the home row, and practice hitting the keys near the edge of the keyboard to develop your ring and little fingers. Initially, don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed. Find a tempo that suits your skill level, and work slowly to increase the tempo while maintaining a high accuracy rate. Typing lessons on websites such as TypingStudy.com measure time, accuracy and typing rate while you’re typing, allowing you to make adjustments as necessary.

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