How Can You Learn QuickBooks?

How Can You Learn QuickBooks?

QuickBooks accounting software can be learned through live training courses that are offered online or in person. It can also be learned using self-paced videos that are either streamed or available online.

QuickBooks training is available through the program's developer, Intuit, or through other QuickBooks users who have extensive training. Training through Intuit or Intuit-based programs is the only way to become certified in the program.

Live, instructor-based training can be obtained online or in classroom settings. Both offer the advantage of an instructor that can answer questions immediately. Intuit and other education facilities offer these classes, which are available at a variety of student skill levels, from the beginner to the master user.

Students who prefer self-paced learning have the option of webinar classes that are available online or through DVDs. Webinars offer the advantage of being updated when new releases of the software are available. Web-based classes are available indefinitely and support is available via email. The DVD versions are not updated and some information may become obsolete. However, support is available through email or telephone.

After training is complete, a student can register for the QuickBooks' certification test. This certification shows prospective employers that the program has been mastered.