Where Can You Learn About Keyboard Shortcuts?

Where Can You Learn About Keyboard Shortcuts?

Depending on the operating system, computer keyboard shortcuts can be learned at the Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac websites. Linux users can learn about keyboard shortcuts for their operating system at the Linux website. However, these will sometimes vary depending upon the specific graphical environment, such as KDE4, GNOME and so forth, being used.

Windows keyboard shortcuts often combine the CTRL and other keys to rapidly execute popular commands. The keys involved in keyboard shortcuts should be pressed together. Some common examples of keyboard shortcuts and their functions are as follows:

  • CTRL and C to copy an item to clipboard
  • CTRL and X to cut an item to clipboard
  • CTRL and V to paste an item from clipboard
  • CTRL and Z to undo an action
  • CTRL, SHIFT and any of the arrow keys to highlight a block of text
  • CTRL and ESC to display the Start menu

Some Windows shortcuts do not use CTRL. One example is SHIFT and DELETE, which is used to bypass the Recycle Bin and permanently remove an item.

Mac keyboard shortcuts are often similar to Windows equivalents. Instead of a CTRL key, however, Mac has a Command key. To copy an item, users press Command and C together, and to paste an item, they press Command and V.