Can You Learn to Do Body Massage on YouTube?


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YouTube offers many instructional videos that teach various types and traditions of full body massage such as Thai and Swedish. While most offer technique and advice from licensed massage therapists, others also give viewers information about certification programs.

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One YouTube video that offers beginning step-by-step training in Thai massage is “Body Massage | Learn Massage Techniques | Relaxation Techniques” from Learn Massage. The video explains the difference between Thai and European techniques and teaches show to use body weight to apply pressures to different parts of the body. Another video, “Full Body Massage Therapy Techniques, How To Give Back Massage” from PsycheTruth, focuses on different methods of massage such as sports massage, deep tissue and hydrotherapy. In addition to Swedish massage techniques, the video “Back Massage Tutorial, Long Session” from MassageVideo provides information and training in Asian, Japanese and Chinese schools of massage.

Should you be interested in becoming a licensed massage therapist, masseuse or masseur, some videos offer information and sometimes instruction leading to certification. For more detailed information about licensure, articles such as "Learn Massage Techniques," published by the National Holistic Institute provide detailed descriptions of requirements to become a professional, including titles and synopses of specific areas of instruction.

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