Where Can You Find Knee Replacement Exercise Videos?


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Knee replacement exercise videos are available on YouTube and Dailymotion. Regular exercise after a total knee replacement helps the patient to gain strength with the new joint and return to normal activities. Most patients should exercise 20 to 30 minutes and walk another 30 minutes each day during early recovery.

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Exercises begin in the hospital where staff encourages the patient to move the feet and legs. Such motions, along with blood thinners, support hose and compression boots, help to prevent blood clots. A physical therapist shows the patient how to exercise and helps him to learn the proper way to use the walker or crutches.

Initially, the patient does his walking indoors in an area free of trip and fall hazards. As he gains stability, his walking program moves outside. For several weeks after the procedure, the patient needs to continue using the walker or crutches.

Surgeons perform knee replacement surgeries when arthritis or other diseases cause the patient to experience pain when walking. The design of the artificial joint allows it to replicate the normal action of the knee. Patients often need help with personal care after surgery, including help preparing meals, bathing and doing their laundry. Eventually, the patient is able to resume his normal activities with significantly less pain than before.

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