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Kindle tutorials in the form of videos, articles and PDF files can be found on the Amazon website, as well as other "how to" websites such as the Dummies website. The Amazon Kindle brand refers to and encompasses a range of electronic devices, such as e-readers, smartphones and tablets, as well as e-book reader applications for Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry and webOS operating systems.

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The first Kindle device was introduced by Amazon in the United States in November 2007. The device featured 6 diagonal inches of grayscale display, 250 megabytes of internal storage that was capable of storing 200 e-books and even audio book files. It also became the first device capable of accessing 3G networks to access and download files from the Amazon website. Despite the Kindle's then relatively hefty price tag of $399, the device was sold out in about 5 hours.

The first generation Kindle was soon followed by several more Kindle models. By October 2014, Amazon released the Kindle Voyage e-reader, which is the eighth installment of the Kindle e-reader series. The Voyage has 4 gigabytes of internal storage and has also become cheaper at its 2014 price of $199. The Kindle Fire series, on the other hand, is the LCD version of the Kindle and it has both the functionality of an e-reader as well as a computer tablet.

Both Kindle e-readers and Fire devices are operated differently from other similar devices. The Amazon website offers comprehensive support, tutorials and help for their devices from e-readers, to Fire phone, TVs and tablets to applications for the different operating systems.

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