What Can You Do on a Kindle?

What Can You Do on a Kindle?

In addition to reading, Kindle users can browse the Internet, store and carry personal documents, play games, use applications and listen to audiobooks. Not all Kindle models can perform every function, however. For example, the Kindle Paperwhite cannot play downloaded audiobooks.

The primary function of the Kindle is reading. Users can download books, newspapers and magazines to read on the tablet.

Kindle owners can also use the device to browse the Internet. Some older models of Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite offer a Web browser that is in black and white and does not offer features beyond the text of a site, while models such as the Kindle Fire offer full-color and fully functional Web browsing.

A Kindle user can use the email account associated with his Kindle to send PDF and Microsoft Word documents directly to it, making important documents digitally available in one place. Users can also access the Kindle's app store to download apps ranging from games to note-taking applications.

All models of Kindle besides the Paperwhite allow users to download and play audiobooks purchased through Audible. Some Kindle models, such as the Kindle Fire, also allow users to purchase and download or stream movies, videos and music on the device.