What Can the Jawbone Up Wristband Do for Your Health?


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The UP wristbands by Jawbone track physical activity, food consumption, sleep and heart rate, and offer personalized advice for improvement. Following these recommendations sometimes leads to weight loss and improved heart health, Jawbone claims.

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What Can the Jawbone Up Wristband Do for Your Health?
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The UP wristbands track physical activity by logging steps, distance, effort level and duration of a variety of workouts. The device also allows the user to log food consumption, then analyzes activity and food data to generate suggestions for improvement. Following these suggestions helps some users adopt healthier eating and exercise habits, claims Jawbone.

The wristbands also track sleep patterns through bioimpedance sensors, analyzing whether the user is in light, REM, or deep sleep. The app then generates suggestions for better sleep habits. The UP2, UP3 and UP4 models also feature a Smart Alarm setting, which helps the user feel more rested by waking him up at an ideal time, Jawbone states.

The UP3 and UP4 models monitor resting heart rate, which the Jawbone app uses as its primary indicator of overall health. If resting heart rate is too high, the app gives suggestions for how to lower it based on food intake, hydration, stress, sleep and exercise. In the long term, following these suggestions possibly leads to overall improved heart health, Jawbone claims.

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