Where Can You Find Iranian Chat Rooms?

Chat rooms meant to provide a space forIranians occur both in Farsi and in English and are fairly common, exemplified by the public and free to access chat channels PersChat and IranianChat. These channels give Iranians traveling abroad a place to make contact with people who speak their language and know their home.

Perschat, or Persian Chat, is a Farsi-language chat room hub designed to be friendly for use by people all ages and to encourage moral, religion-focused dialogue between Iranians. It also has a heavy focus on the long Persian tradition of poetry and offers chat rooms solely for discussion of poetry alongside its general chats.

Iranian Chat is a chat service meant for use by Iranians speaking either Farsi or English. It has three active chat channels which provide places for Iranians to meet and speak with one another. The service is meant to connect Iranians from around the world to one another.

Iranian chat rooms provide an opportunity for Iranians isolated from other citizens of their home country to speak in their mother tongue and interact with others who share their experiences. This can be a valuable coping mechanism for traveling business professionals, new immigrants and their families and many other groups of people.